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Mountain Haven Custom Home Plans

Mountain Haven Custom homes has been designing homes, additions, decks and other items for 15 plus years. Thereby creating plans that will reflect the years of experience of being in the field building homes, etc. This means designs that don’t have the common mistakes like bad stairs, poor use of space, bad mechanical and utility placement, poor window and door placement or designing an addition that looks like an addition. When it comes to following plans, the most common error I have seen, as a Builder in the 30 plus years of construction, is the staircase. The stairs are always designed wrong or almost always wrong, unless the home was designed by an architect, they seem to get it right. When I say wrong, I mean the space needed for the stair, the stairwell. When the space needed for the stairs is not adequate, the stairs are then steep with short, little or narrow steps, or the head room is minimal, which really bothers me because I am a tall guy. When an inexperienced Builder assigns his junior framer to frame a home with the stairwell wrong, as per plan, (bad plan) and neither of them identify the problem in the plan, (cheap, inexpensive plan) then it is usually a big deal to correct. Often times, the only way to correct the problem is to change the foundation, something the Builder/general contractor should have caught in the beginning. I’ve been in a few new show homes with steep stairs. Something you wouldn’t expect when the home was supposedly built by a professional. Stairs are an important element to your home because when they’re wrong they can make going up and down a chore and even hazardous.

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