What We Do

Custom Homes

  • Budget— We provide a rough estimate and explain how different materials affect the cost.
  •  Loans— We are familiar with the local banks and know the process they re-quire.
  • Property selection— A property can hide huge expenses. Many factors should be considered before purchasing. A wrong choice can shatter the dream or delay it.
  • Plans — The design has to fit the budget or it will shatter the dream. Again, we will recommend what works with the budget.
  • Easy to understand Proposals, invoicing and other financial forms— We try to make the financial process clear and concise. We value the trusting part-nership more than anything.
  • Project progress— We provide a schedule of the different steps along the way and when we think you can move-in.
  • Selections— There are a lot of selections, Oh my! We can help by directing you to the many sources and by providing you with a selection time list so, you know your deadlines.
  • Disappointments— we don’t provide these, they just happen without fail. Something doesn’t arrive or it’s wrong. Be ready, it will happen but we are problem solvers and still, we make the process go as smoothly as possible.
  • Happiness— This happens when you move in. The pinch me moment that happens month after month. This is the best part for Mountain Haven Cus-tom Homes and we want it to be fun.

The best way to start the building process and the most important first step, is to schedule a meeting where Items that are a concern can be discussed.

Addition or Not’

  • An Addition will make a great improvement to your home but Additions cost substantially more to build. If the goal of the Addition is to increase your profit margin before a sale, than think again. The money invested will takes years to recover. People who go ahead with an Addition are those who love their location and plan on living there for years to come. Eventually the Ad-dition pays for itself.
  • Additions require different procedures and criteria not required in new con-struction. The Addition is a more complex project that needs more oversight, it is unpredictability and has more risk. These factors make it more expen-sive.
  • Personal possessions need storing and those items remaining in the house need protection. A Builder without a thoughtful plan for your personal items can accidently damage or destroy a lot of stuff.