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Additions and remodels require different procedures and criteria not seen in new construction. Because of this, it’s probably fair to say that most builders prefer building something new as to building an addition or remodel. The single most important item has to be the protection of the customer’s personal possessions and this involves extra measures not encountered in new construction. When things are done wrong. terrible damage can occur during remodeling and all because certain safeguards did not take place. A Builder’s insurance can cover loss due to water damage or whatever but it never will replace important personal items.

The advantage of doing additions and remodels has been the ability to see how the work was done in the past, which is revealed during the demolition. In doing so, we discover what products or techniques worked well over the years and what did not. Learning firsthand what is successful and what has been a failure is very educational. This knowledge gives us a better understanding of what works the best. In one respect the attentive remodeler will have a cutting edge understanding of better building practices.


Mountain Haven Custom Homes, started in 1998 by Dennis Ployhar who, prefers working hands-on in every project building only a certain amount of homes each year. The company is concentrated on residential construction pro-jects that would be individual and unique. The projects are built using a regular team of small business owners and workers whereby we are value driven versus volume driven. Dennis was raised in MT and has lived in Coeurd’Alene since his college graduation. Dennis & his wife Susie love the Coeur d’Alene region and its people raising their 3 kids here.

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