Building Philosophy

Mountain Haven
Building Philosophy

  • We build for longevity— by adding extra measures of protection against the weather and by using better materials in our projects. Something we have been doing for than 20 years of which now, some of those items are being required by the new building codes. Things we have done all along. 

  • We utilize the same workforce or tradesmen—This creates more of a team environment where the guys communicate better with each other and al-ready know what MHCH’s expects of them. 

  • We typically acquire and work with tradesmen who are small business own-ers— In this way, we usually see the same workers on the job site (maybe even the owner). The small business will have lower prices because of their low overhead versus a large corporation. With this in mind, MHCH’s does not acquire unknowns or those whom we feel, will not be a permanent busi-ness. 

  • We use tried and tested products—we avoid using new products on the market. (Would rather let someone else try them out) There are some prod-ucts that turn out defective in just a few years or as long as 20 years. Even so, if the new and undocumented product has a lifetime warranty, it might be worthless because the company that made it does not exist after 15 years. 

  • The advantage of building Additions has been the ability to see how the work was done in the past, which is revealed during the demolition. In doing so, we discover what products or techniques worked well over the years and what did not. Learning firsthand what is successful and what has been a fail-ure. This knowledge gives us a better understanding of what works the best.