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Mountain Haven Custom Home Construction

It is said Europeans build homes to last 50 years and more. Here in the Northwest, we are coming up short – like 30 years short at times. The reason: there is no desire to build for the long term but instead build what is minimal to accomplish the nominal. Unfortunately, Builders can change business’s or leave the state and the homeowner (who probably got a great deal) can now be left with the most expensive repairs imaginable, starting at about 10 years after the house or project was completed.

I do not say this frivolously; but from the very beginning of my career in carpentry over 20 years ago I have seen the decay and rotting wood in many locations such as under the door sills, around the windows, under the roofing, Posts and deck framing. I have seen it many times and it all could be avoided. I have repaired expensive homes that at the time of their completion were undoubtably given great praise and accolades but in truth the home wasn’t built to last and was now costing over $100k to fix. Unfortunately, it was lipstick on a pig when it was built. We don’t build in this manner. There may be lipstick but not an oinker underneath.

Custom Home Construction

  • Building custom homes, additions and remodels, of which about 50% of these are additions and remodels.
  • Construction of log homes and small commercial projects.
  • We offer plan design in which we have completed designs on about 25% of our projects .
  • Construction of complex projects either because of a difficult location or difficult design, we have the ability and experience to successfully and correctly get the job the done.

Mountain Haven
Building Philosophy

  • We build for longevity by #1 Adding extra measures of protection against the weather #2 Using better materials in our projects.
  • We utilize the same workforce or tradesmen. By doing this, it creates more of a team environment, where the guys communicate better with each other and already know what MHCH’s expects of them.
  • We typically retain tradesmen that are small (not short). The smaller business subcontractor will usually have lower prices (because of their low overhead) and we usually see the same worker on the job site (the owner). With this in mind, MHCH’s does not seek out unknowns or those whom we feel are not a permanent business.  We seek out those who we know love what they do and are in it as a permanent livelihood.
  • We use tried and tested products, we avoid using new products on the market. (Would rather let someone else try them out) There are some products that turn out defective in just a few years or as long as 20 years. Even so, if the new and undocumented product has a lifetime warranty, it might be worthless because the company that made it does not exist after 15 years.
  • Is a small business presently with a home office. We build, on average, 3 projects a year, the largest projects being around 6,000 square feet.

Mountain Haven Custom Homes Can Help...


Custom Homes

Successfully building any home either complex or in a difficult location while making the process enjoy-able and rewarding.


Home Additions

Expanding and improv-ing your home with all the considerations of it being our home.

Schnurr side

Plan Design

Designing homes and additions with a distinct advantage – years of experience building homes.