Construction Manager

To be a Construction Manager

To be a construction manager, one must be professional, courteous, diplomatic, caring, shrewd, persuasive, assertive, creative, understanding, responsible, slow to anger, adaptable, a Sherlock Holmes, a motivator, up-to-date, pleasant to look at, have a good memory, acute business judgment, emotional stability and the embodiment of virtue; (but with a good working knowledge of sin and evil in all it’s forms).

A construction manager must understand insurance, chemistry, selling, contracting, claims, law, medicine, travel, warranties, freeway closures and construction delays, Mother Nature and human nature.

In order to be a construction manager, you must be a coordinator, role model expert, resource, an educator, supportive of all workers, subcontractors, an advocate for the employer, the employee’s advocate and intermediary.

The construction manager must be a mind reader, able to predict the future, an optimist, a realist, have physical stamina, have a large bladder, must be an expert with machinery of all types, construction processes of every kind. He must know each new product, its application costs including labor and material, and it’s alternative; as well as the next generation of products with their release dates.

A construction manager must know the current and future costs of everything from a nail to a floor tile, an asphalt driveway to an articulated shower head, and be able to communicate this information with accuracy and efficiency, as well as know what the low bidder’s profit margin is. He needs to know the groundwater depth everywhere and how to anticipate or regulate the weather.

A construction manager must know all, see all, and tell nothing without the proper inspection sign off. They must know each inspector; their family history, their idiosyncrasies, their knowledge level, and their donuts preference.

To those of us who are Construction Managers- is this true or what?

The Mountain Haven Viewpoint


Dream Home

Mountain Haven works hard at delivering to each customer the home that they dreamed of. This requires being a good listener and communicating well with you; the customer. This important construction communication results in a home that is beautiful, well-designed and affordable. This is how you end up with your ‘Dream home’ instead of your ‘Nightmare’.


Attention To Detail

Paying attention to detail creates a project with fewer mistakes. It also creates a project of more opportunity, where improvements can be made before it’s too late. Organization, as well as orderly and timely phases of construction will make your construction project run smooth. We take the necessary time to consider your best alternatives. Mtn Haven sets a high standard of quality for itself. We have to meet that standard in order to be satisfied that you receive the value that is yours. We build as if it was our own.



We enjoy excellent workmanship and knowing that things are well built. To us a house is a form of art, not merely an implement of profit. A construction crew can be carefree brutes or craftsmen. At Mtn Haven we have craftsmen; people who are artists in their own field. Not only does Mtn Haven maintain a workforce of talented craftsmen, we also want them to be pleasant and trustworthy. Caring about how things are done means no hidden secrets behind your drywall and no expensive repairs years later.

Here’s what others are saying:

Margie D.

New Home

Dennis Ployhar is the general contractor and owner of this business. He recently com-pleted the building of my new home in Northern Idaho. Dennis was asked to build this home while I lived in Massachusetts. No easy feat building a retirement home with the owner at such a great distance. The home is 3700 2-story home that was designed largely by myself however the contributions of Dennis cannot be overlooked. He was a significant contributor to the overall design and construction elements of the home that has made it exceptional! Throughout the process Dennis remained involved, on site, in contact twice a week to review progress and issues and was a master at choosing his sub-contractors and everyone's adherence to detail. Dennis was on budget, on time and there was never a single incidence where his integrity could be questioned. I simply can't say enough good things about this man and his business. You will be well served if you were to hire him for your new home or remodeling project.

Steve & Lynn C.

Post Falls

We would like to thank you for everything you did to turn our plans into reality. We never expected to own a house we would love as much as this one. We are truly proud and happy to show it off. Thank you so much for turning our dream into a reality in such a painless way.

Martin B.

Coeur d Alene

One of the biggest challenges with our particular addition was making the roof lines “tie in”, but Dennis did an excellent job of designing and constructing a roof line that matched so good that it actually improved on the original looks of the home… His bid was very reasonable ( and there were no “unexpected” or “hidden” additional costs) but the quality of work and materials were excellent… It’s one thing to build a home from blueprint, but it takes creativity and extra effort to incorporate an addition to an existing house and make it not look like an addition… Dennis did not ask me to write this letter of recommendation, but he did such a good job with our project that I took it upon myself to draft this letter.