Mr & Mrs Mark Nelson


We went into the process of building a home extremely naive – never having attempted anything of this magnitude. Dennis calmly walked us through each step and each decision along the way. He kept us on budget, providing us with options for each decision (but never overwhelming us with too much information). In each decision he explained the pros and cons, and when asked, gave us his invaluable opinion.

Dennis recommended and collaborated with a home designer whose final floor plan was flawless as far as we are concerned. Dennis’ years of experience were displayed in the vendors he recommended, leveraging the relationships he has developed over the years. The vendors all provided great service and quickly responded to any follow up question or issue that we may have had.

Dennis’ high standards of craftsmanship are exceptional. His attention to detail in all areas of the project was greatly appreciated (and he never left the worksite until everything was picked up and swept). We feel so blessed to have found Dennis and to have made the decision to have him build our home. You will not find a nicer man or better advocate for you in an endeavor like this.

[The above letter was given after the completion of Mark & Loris’ new home completed in December 2013]

Mr & Mrs William Cowles

Spokane, WA

We want to thank you in writing for the wonderful job you did building our Coeur d’Alene home. From our first meeting, where we set out our goals of good communication, timeliness, and quality of workmanship, it was a pleasure to work with you. Your email updates on decisions, timelines, and status reports were very helpful. The job site was kept clean, even though it was continually active. We also appreciated your flexibility in working with materials we chose, such as IPE decking and Canadian rock. We also appreciated your suggestions for structural improvements that gave us the option to add a hot tub and some interior rock. Above all, we trusted you completely and you proved worthy of that trust. Thankyou again and we’d be happy to provide a reference to any future clients. We appreciate your honesty, quality and timeliness. We also appreciate your follow-through on little items after the job was completed.

[The above letter was given after the completion of the Cowle’ new home completed in October 2000]

Gene Tanzey

Coeur d’Alene, ID

To whom it may concern:
Dennis Ployhar, owner and president of Ployhar Construction ( Now Mountain Haven Custom Homes) came into our lives in May 1998. At that time he was low bidder on a large remodel of our existing home. The extent of the job included doubling the square footage, remodeling approximately 50% of the existing structure, replacing the existing roof and upgrading the existing structure.
I cannot say enough good about Dennis. He has surrounded himself with competent subcontractors and his crew are excellent craftsman. His crew both likes him, enjoys working with him and all speak highly of him. He not only assigns them their daily tasks but assists them if they encounter problems. I have seen him repeatedly educate his employees on the finer points of construction and at the same time use them as a resource to solve problems or difficulties. They are on the job in a timely manner, do a full day’s work and are very clean about themselves and the job site. There is no profanity, beer cans or loud music. They go about their tasks in a thoroughly professional manner. Dennis is always ahead of the job and there have been no delays in the scheduling of the subs or materials. There has been no delay of any type on this job.
We have lived in the home while the remodel took place. Dennis was always aware of how he was affecting our daily life and did his best to minimize the impact. He and his employees were very responsive to our small children and their personal safety. He was very responsive to questions, always kept us informed of the progress and would make our requested changes without objection. The job was completed on the agreed due date.
I would be happy to discuss Ployhar Construction ( Now Mountain Haven Custom Homes) with anyone. I would also invite anyone to inspect the work Dennis has done on my home. I recommend Dennis Ployhar very highly. He is a moral and honest man and I can think of no one who can do better at whatever task Dennis attempts.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Very truly yours,

[The above letter was given after the completion of Gene’s new home completed in December 1999]

Steve & Lynn Colwell

Post Falls, ID

We would like to thank you for everything you did to turn our plans into reality. We never expected to own a house we would love as much as this one. We are truly proud and happy to show it off. Thank you so much for turning our dream into a reality in such a painless way.

[The above letter was given after the completion of Steve & Lynn’s new home completed in May 1998]

Martin Beam

Coeur d’Alene, ID

One of the biggest challenges with our particular addition was making the roof lines “tie in”, but Dennis did an excellent job of designing and constructing a roof line that matched so good that it actually improved on the original looks of the home… His bid was very reasonable ( and there were no “unexpected” or “hidden” additional costs) but the quality of work and materials were excellent… It’s one thing to build a home from blueprint, but it takes creativity and extra effort to incorporate an addition to an existing house and make it not look like an addition… Dennis did not ask me to write this letter of recommendation, but he did such a good job with our project that I took it upon myself to draft this letter.

[The above letter was given after the completion of Martins Addition completed in 1997]

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